Danny’s client¬†testimonials


“I have trained with Danny for seven years, that includes personal training and his twice weekly circuit classes. Danny has been an inspiration to me and he has shown me training methods which allow me to maintain my fitness levels and a consistent training ethic. I have learnt from him that this is paramount to keeping myself in shape. I would recommend Danny for his excellent people skills and his ability to keep things simple and achievable.”

Matt Burns


“I have trained with Danny twice a week since September 2005. Danny’s support, knowledge and encouragement has left me feeling fitter and happier then i have ever done. My self confidence is at an all time high, Danny is invaluable to me and i would highly recommend them to those who wish to better themselves. He instill drive and self discipline.”

Julie Marshall


“I have attended Danny’s circuit for nine years, it is on a Monday and Wednesday evenings.. I find it suits my lifestyle perfectly as it fits around my work and family life. The session is a full body workout, it has a energetic and friendly feel to it. He has a good mix of ages and abilities and he makes the class challenging and enjoyable.”

Paul Hawkins